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BEULAHSTUDENTS exists to lead any and all 6th-12th grade students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.



We want every student to develop STRENGTH in God's Word. We desire to teach students how to study deeply and how to apply God's Word practically in their daily lives.



We pray that as Students begin to grow in their understanding of God's Word, it will help them see the value in deep, authentic community. Gaining DEPTH relationally is crucial to developing as a follower of Christ.



Throughout their time in the Student Ministry, we want all students to see their place in God's redemptive story while giving them a safe place to share their own. We want all students LIVING on mission for Christ by taking the hope of the Gospel into their homes, schools and all over the world.

when do we meet?

On Sundays we meet in the Student Center at 9:15am for small groups.


During this time, our team of trained adult leaders will take students through relevant bible studies and discussion.


On Wednesdays we meet in the Student Gathering at 6:00pm.

This is a great time for students to invite their friends to church. This gathering is centered around relationships allowing students to connect while having a great time.

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